Maximilien H's ideal job

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Be a rock 'n' roll guitarist:

I wanted to become a great Rock ‘N’ Roll guitarist like my favorite guitarist Angus Young of AC/DC.

Angus Young is known for wear school boy uniform and for be very excited during concerts. He’s the lead guitarist of the band and he composes all songs with his brother Malcolm Young, the rhythm guitarist.
His style of guitar playing his easy and he use simple chords.
Despite this he is an amazing guitarist and he is a pillar of the show of AC/DC.
His guitar solo are Rock’ N’ Roll and a little bluesy.

Like him, I would compose great Hard Rock song in a studio or during a tour.
I would do big concerts all around the world, from Europe to Australia via America and Japan.

I would like to release many albums and work in studio with a band.

Angus play guitar only on a Gibson SG.
It’s an old guitar of Rock ‘N’ Roll and it’s very good for play Hard Rock, I love it.



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