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Louis is French, he comes to New York to meet his American correspondent ,William, and to visit the city.

-Louis: Hi William! Nice to meet you.

-William: Welcome Louis, I hope your trip was good.

-Louis: It was very long.

-William: So, we'll go to my home to leave off your luggage.

Louis and William go to William's house.

-William: Now, we can visit New York more easily!

-Louis: Yes, I'm happy to have got rid of my luggage

-William: All right, let's go

In the morning, they visited Manhattan, now they are eating in Central Park.

-Louis: Manhattan is very big! I'm tired!

-William: Yes, I agree with you. So, what did you prefer in Manhattan?

-Louis: I loved The Empire State building, it's very big! And Greenwich Village is beautiful!

-William: I prefer Broadway with Time Square.

-Louis: Now, what can we do?

-William: I suggest we go to visit Ground Zero and after that we'll go back home. Tomorrow we will visit the Statue of Liberty.

-Louis: Ok, Let's eat and go!

-William: Oh yes! We go to eat. We can eat in the fast food over there.

They enter in the fast food.

-William: I'm taking a hot dog with potatoes.

-The Waitress: Ok, and you?

-Louis: The same please!

They eat and leavde the fast food restaurant. They take the subway to go to Ground Zero.

-William: This is it

-Louis: Wow! it's so beautiful.

-William: Yes, it is a tribute to those who died during September 11. So, it's very recent, we'll go back home.

-Louis: I'm very, very tired now! The day has been great!

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