Maxime J. V's Presentation of a French city

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1) localisation
2) history
3) means of transports

1) localisation:

Toulouse place in the south of France, in the north of the department "haute garonne".
Toulouse is at 234 km to Montpellier, 330 km to Barcelone, 700 km to the french capital, Paris, 244 km to Bordeaux and 405 km to Marseille.
For the oceans and the sea, Toulouse is at 144 km to the méditerrannée sea and 233 km to the atlantic ocean.


2) history:

In Toulouse, diferents vestig was discovered, for example the "nécropole", it's a former district in the prehistory.
Differents tools was discovered to, as the "amphore", there are big mud with big hanses, and wars weapons, for examples, points of arrows.
Before the romans occupation, Toulouse was occuped by the "Gaulois", at approximately the third century before Jesus Christ.

220px- Amphores_dressel_1b_vieille_toulouse.jpg

3) means of transport:

Toulouse is equip with a big network of bus, and tramway, underground, and Toulouse hace the fourt airport of province


the network of underground


the aerian underground


the former tramway in Toulouse


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