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Nantes is located in the west of France. Nantes is the capital city of the Pays de la Loire region and the Loire-Atlantique. This city is on the river Loire and near the Atlantic Ocean. I go often to Nantes with my family, to see my uncle and go to Ikea. Is an enormous furniture Shop of piece of furniture; it is a very good shop. And after I go eat in at KFC, which is my favorite fast food but it is only in the biggest cities in France. StMartinHeresIkeaG6.jpg

activity in the city


There are many tourist activities:

-Castle of Ducs de Bretagne - History Museum of Nantes
-Passage Pommeraye (Elegant shops in historic buildings)
-The elephant and the Grand Gallery of Machines(Unique in Nantes)
-The Cathedral of Saint Peter & Saint Paul and its crypts
-Botanical Gardens
-Trentemoult(A former fishing village on the banks of the Loire)
-Island of Nantes
-the football stadium of FC Nantes. I spend a very good time with my father in this stadium . (which is a national team)


-After having been occupied by the Gauls and the Romans, Nantes was Christianised Christianised in the 3rd century.
-The city was successively invaded by the Saxons, the Franks, the Britons and the Normans
- In 1598, King Henry IV of France signed the Edict of Nantes here, which granted Protestants rights to their religion.
-During the 18th century, prior to the abolition of slavery, Nantes was the slave trade capital of France.
-In the 19th century, Nantes became an industrial city. The first public transport anywhere in the world may have been the omnibus service initiated in Nantes in 1826. It was soon imitated in Paris, London and New York. The first railways were built in 1851 and many industries were created.


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