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a Frenchman, (George), arrives in England by ferry to join his friend.
An Englishman (James) is waiting on George at the port.

G: Hello how are you?

J: -yes and you, .Did the trip go well?

G: yes, very well, but a little sick with the waves.

George spent the night in Jame's house, and the alarm clock rings the next morning:

J: sleep well?

G: Yes

J: for breakfast I'm making a cassoulet, **does that tempt you"?

G: —I brought my breakfast. The sun rises at what time in England?

J: It has already been up for 3 hours

G: ah, —is the cloud that hides the sun

J: No no, it's a beautiful day

G: then it is an eclipse?

James thinks that French is silly

J: what? Do you want to come with me for a bike ride?

G: No I'm going back to bed.

J: Now that you've had enough sleep, it's time to eat lunch.

G: okay, I'm coming

J: There's this lunchtime dessert pudding

G: Oh yes, an English specialty : the thing that looks like a giant flan
J: Yes that's right, you will love

G: ok let me taste it …. , arrrgggggh But it's not good

J: It is always better than snails

G: at least we know where they come, it's not the case with your pudding

J: Well, let's go to fetch some snails

G: ok I'm coming. goodbye

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