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Hello, I am going to present to you a city I have visited 2 years ago, Guerande.


Guerande is in the region Pays de la Loire in the Loire Atlantique department. The name of the people of Guerande are Gerande and Gérandaises and after the 2009 census, it was counted 15,446 inhabitants in an area of ​​81.44 m². The mayor of this beautiful city is named Christophe Priou.
Two years ago or three years ago, I visited this beautiful city. What I was particularly touched by is its medieval city and many tourists lingering to visit the site, having fun and eating food from there.

I went during the summer school holidays with my parents and my brothers. We arrived in the morning and we saw wonderful things. There were shows in the streets such as clowns, artists, singers, bands, jugglers, comedians and many other things. There were merchants stored their goods out to attract customers inside the store and it was really busy. In the evening we ate at a restaurant delicious.

This is the principal entering of the medieval city.


Guerande is located 19 km from St Nazaire, 70 km 80 km from Vannes and Nantes. We (in Angers) are located about two hours drive from the city. So if you want to go there for a walk, plan sandwiches and a few CDs to pass the time. When you arrive in this city, you may surely be amazed by the grandeur of its ancient walls and entering through this door and arched beautiful old homes that keep their charm.

In Guérande the average temperature is 11 degrees Celsius year round with minimum temperatures of about 9 degrees and 15 degrees maximum. Indeed, there is not really hot but do not stick to the statistics of course. Climatic zone to which this city is, however, can have an average of three years four summers climate conditions similar to those of the Riviera. Thanks to its climate, if you do not count the salt marshes, medical facilities in large numbers are installed.

The abundance of historical monuments from all eras led to Guerande be defined as "protected archaeological area", so for any work you need a permit specified preventive and an archaeological dig.
Among the historical monuments and cites we can count the Menhir Bissin (3.5 m high), the stone Congor (or Saillé), the rock of BrandU with a petroglyph engraved, the menhir Kerhué, the menhir and Kerbourg the menhir of the White Stone ect ect.


In its medieval city we can see a lot of outdoor shows for example as I could see a man who often comes that I could see for two consecutive years. He was surrounded by people and juggling with any object. He even managed to fit a stroller on his nose for some time. It was with the participation of the children and was making everyone laugh. There were also bands that rocked its streets made ​​of cobblestone.

Finally, I would say that with its houses and its historic heart flowers, Guerande is a perfect place to spend a good vacation and spend quality time with family and friends.


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