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Châteauneuf sur Sarthe is a little village, at 30 kilometer to from Angers. There is a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a place when where we can play Football, Tennisball, Basketball, Dance, Judoka ect..etc…. There is are two collèges (middle schools), two primary schools and two elementary schools.


There are two cemeteries


I prefer the City and this village it's just an error of this nature…. Ok it's not exactly like that. When I arrived in Chateauneuf, I loved to separate myself from the City. I found a new friend, Heloise, she became my bestfriend and she still is today. When I was little I loved play in my garden.


I live in a House ( before I lived in an appartment ) and I reconize it's not bad. But I still miss the city. I prefer Angers. I was born in Angers. It's my heart city and I study there. I love the place, the activites, the people, the universe. I love everything about this City. It's MY City. I hate living in Chateauneuf. But there are some good things. When friends come home, we go to the river to walk and play on the Children's Playground. The river is a very beautiful place. It's more magnificent when the night come. We can see the sun fall in the trees like a fireball. I love stay sit and look at this wonderful slide show. We can see too, and always time, the same six swan navigate slowly on the river together. I can't be tire about this.



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