Marine L.


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I'm Marine L. and I'm going to introduce myself.


I was born on 06/03/1994 in Angers and so I am 17 years old. I live in Chateauneuf sur Sarthe, a little town near Angers but I study and sleep at Jean Moulin high school during the week. Last year, I was not in this high school. I was in Joachim du Bellay but I decided to go to Jean Moulin to do the type of studies I want.
I am in 1er STL class, and my class is very very nice.
I love French, English, German, biochemistry, maths and microbiology at school but I hate History and I've a passion for music.
I love dancing but unfortunately I don't learn this in school.

Now, I'm going to talk about my family and my life. I've got two brothers who are 18 and 10 years old and I am the only girl. I love my mother who is the most important person in my life and my stepfather is special and rather nice.

I've got two cats who are really cute and so crazy (exactly like me). Their names are Bijoux and PussyCat. I'm totally crazy and I love doing mad things to make my friends laugh.
fond-ecran-chats-en-citrouille.jpg it's not my cats in this picture ^^ But they are in the same colors

My friends are the people with whom I can smile and cry and I share my secrets with them.

I love music, dancing, internet, playing videogames, going out with my friends, watching TV or surfing on my computer, writing, and reading. . I love to sing and I hope I'll become a singer or an actress in the future.

Physically, I am a blond girl and I am of average height. I love wearing different styles of clothes so I cannot be put into just one category.
I love going to parties or discos but I don't drink alcohol a lot. I smoke a bit but I will soon stop it.
I listen to lots of types of music like, Rock, Hard Rock, World music, R'n'b, Zook, Soul, Country, Slow, HipHop, a bit of Reagge, Jazz, Celtic music, Game music, Manga's music, Film music, Walt Disney, Disco …

My Christmas' Holidays …


My Holidays were very good. I went to the city to see my friends a lot.
The first week, I slept a lot and watched TV and I saw my friends who live near my house and live in my little place. With my family we had prepared Christmas day. My brother did the Christmas meal and we had invited two friends who were alone for Christmas. It's so sad, I know. We had a fantastic meal and we laughed a lot. When it was midnight we opened the presents. It was a magnificent moment and after, I played guitar to sing a Christmas song and songs I have been writing. After I was tiring and I went to go in my bed to surfed on the Web to say Merry Christmas to my friends and everyone. The second Week, so this week, I went to Angers to help my aunt to babysit my consins the night and so the day, I go to Angers for see friends and have a good times. I do went shopping and goint went to a bar. The night, I watched TV with my aunt and played with my consins on the Wii.