Margot Lec's ideal job

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My ideal job is a cosmetics creator.
In this job we must make cosmetics. We can make make-up or products for the skin.


I'm interrested in this job because we make products and I love cosmetics.
I can work in a store to sell cosmetics, but in this job the manual side is more interesting.
I want to produce organic cosmetics it's very important for me, and that I don't use animals to test the product. And maybe create my own brand of cosmetics. But it's just a dream.

But many people want do this job so we must be the best if we want really do this job.
When Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and many other brands begin, they are very well known as and serve as an inspiration for many girls, many people want do this job. But only the best can do this job.


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