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Hello, my name is Margot, I'm 17 years old. I live in Rochefort sur Loire with my family, it's a very small town. I have 2 brothers, Tom, he is 15 years old and Laury, who is 28 years old and he doesn't live with my parents and my other brother.
At school, I play rugby, it's an important hobby. And I work in a laboratory, it's fabulous for me because I want to work in the cosmetics industry when I am older.
Out of school, I hang out with my friends in Angers, the city where my school is. We go shopping, watch movies, or just drink a coke in a bar. At the weekend I party or I go to night clubs with my friends. And when I am too tired, I just stay at home with my family.
My hobby is rugby, but in my school there are just 5 girls in our team so we can play and we train with the boys, since there are 20-25 of them. The Atmosphere is fantastic. I love music too, I listen to music all the time, it's very important for me. And it's everything for me at the moment. Good bye and have a good day.

Bonjour Margot,
Je m'appelle Winter, et j'ai quinze ans. Je vis dans Okanogan, WA avec mon papa. Ma maman et deux soeurs vivent dans la ville à côté de nous, Omak. J'essaye de visiter ma maman et soeurs souvent. J'adore le musique! Quelle musique vous aimez? Rugby? Est-ce que c'est amusant? Comment jouez-vous? J'aime volley et natation mais presque tout le sport est cool. well, tchao!

Hello Winter. How are you ? I love all types of music. I listen to electro, or r'n'b or jazz. I listen to music all the time - it's a like a party for me. And I play rugby two hours a week, & in two weeks time I have a match. I love this sport and it's very funny. Seven girls play in our team. So when we have a match, four girls come with us to play. And for your sport tell me more: how often do you go swimming every week and play volleyball ? How many times a week ? I would like to go to the USA when I'm older, it's a dream. And you ? Would you like to come to France ? Bye :).

Tres bien! Moi aussie, j'aime electro, et certains r'n'b. Mais j'adore rock! Tu aime "Tokio Hotel"? Rugby sons intéressants et cool. We don't have a swim team here, so I just swim during the summer at the lake or in the river. Also, I couldn't play volley ball this year, because I didn't try out… that sucks. I'm in cheer right now, I have practice every day that there isn't a basket ball game or wrestling match. Cheer is fun I guess. I would love to go to France, during my vacation times (after highschool, when I'm at university), I want to go to many different countries. Ireland is the first place I want to visit!

Hi. I love rock too, but I don't like Tokio Hotel. And you ? I have a question for you: what is cheer ? I would like to visit many countries after high school too. So don't you practice any sport this year ?

Hi! J'adore Tokio Hotel ^^' uhmmm hmmm… Cheer/Cheerleading is when girls (and sometimes guys) stand in front of their (basketball, football, wrestling) teams fan crowd and lead them in chants. I don't really understand how to explain it, this is my first and only year cheerleading. I don't like it much, I only like the jumps we do. No, this year I'm not going to do any spring sports either, I have drivers ed in the spring. Next school year though, I want to play volleyball in the autumn and track or softball in the spring. Do you play any other sports besides Rugby?

Joyeux Noël et Bonne année!

Hi. I don't play any other sports this year, but next year I will pratise music. In France we do the driver's test at 18 years old so I must wait one year before I can do it. And Merry christmas to you too and have a good year :).

During my Christmas holidays I saw my family and my friends. I celebrated Christmas with my parents, my grands-parents and my brother. A year or two ago we were just 6 but this year we more and it was good because it was with my couss. This year I got a dress, and picture frames. For the New Year I was with my friends. We rented out a room because we were many and it was easier like that. During the vacation I had to work too and I went to the city center. I spent a very good holiday. And you, what did you do for your vacation ? Bisous.

The snow !!!
The snow is back! In France, we have almost never of snow. And as I live has the campaign and as there is hill, with my brother we are going to put our dress of ski and we are going to go to make of the sled. It is good the winter for that. And with the snow the journey are quickly.