Margot La. + Margot Lec.

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Two girls who would like to travel together but the first would like to sleep in a hostel and the second would like to do « couchsurfing ».

the name of the first girl is rebecca and the name of the second girl is Amanda.

Rebecca : "Hey amanda ! What's up about the travel ?

Amanda : - I don't know, we have always problems about where we will sleep in Arizona ! I prefer to go « couchsurfing » it's better because it's free. What do you think?

Rebecca : - I'm not sure about couchsurfing because it may be free but you don't know if the hosts are crazy and they may even be murders ! I prefer sleeping in a hostel because it's less dangerous.

Amanda : - I'm ok for the hostel but will you pay for me ?

Rebecca : - Hum… Ok I'll go to see on the « couchsurfing » website."

Margot Lafon - Hi.

Margot Lecomte - Hi

- What is it again ?

Nothing and you ? (I can't undertstand this sentence)

Nothing too. And about the Travel ?(I can't undertstand this sentence)

- For the trip, we have always a problem about where to sleep. I prefer the couchsurfing, it's better because it is free. What do you think ?

- Yes, that's right, but I prefer to sleep in a hostel. I think it's better because it's cleaner.

- Yes, I agree to stay in a Hostel, but can you pay for it because it's too expensive for me ?

- Huuum… ok. Now let me look for some information about couchsurfing on the internet .

- No it's a joke. If we stay in a hostel, we'll waste money, so we will go couchsurfing.

- Yes, you're right, but I have a question for you. What will we do in Arizona ?

- You know, it's a trip with the team of rugby, so we will see a rugby match. But this trip is supposed to be a visit to a museum or to a famous place.

- Don't worry, it's going to be great . But how many people can come with us ?

- Twenty-five people can come.

- And when do we leave for Arizona ?

- We go to Arizona in the first week of March. So have you any other questions ?

- No thank you, it all seems good to me.

- Ok, so if you have any other questions, come to see me. I'm always here during the week.

- Thank you very much. Good bye miss and have a nice week.

- You're welcome. Good bye, and thank you too.