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Later, when I would be bigger I don't know what to do as work. It is not easy to decide because there are too many choices!

Ideally I would like to work in films or writing books. After, I should not dream either… I enjoy several working domains, more exactly the dental sector.
Become an orthodontist would suit me well. An orthodontist's job consists in correcting the dental malpositions and the deformations of jaws to restore a functional and aesthetic set of teeth. And I must not hide it, this is a job that earns lots of money.


I know of no persons people of my circle which exercises who does this job. The idea came to me alone there is not that long ago. I does not even know if it is possible to make this work with a diploma STL… The studies are very long to become orthodontist: 10 years!


It is impossible for me to give a detailed list of all the reasons for which I choose as I have no project plans of for the future. I try to do the best that I can for to clarify my ideas. Thus, well, a job in the dental sector would perfect for me !


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