Margot L.


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During my Christmas holidays, I did a lot of things… First, on Friday we were on vacation, I had to go to Brittany, but I didn't have any luck because I had a car accident on the road going there… I was hurt, so I spent my weekend at the hospital in Angers.

After I returned home, I'm decorated the Christmas tree with my brothers and sisters.
I went out with my friends. With them we went to the ice rink and to the cinema. I also went to the blood donation center with my mother and my brother. Then I went to do the Christmas shopping with my parents.

On December 24th and 25th I celebrated Christmas with my family. I was spoiled this year, I'm happy.

The days that followed, I rested. After I celebrated the New Year with friends. Ah yes and then I also had to do my homework !

This holiday was very relaxing for me. It was great ! We should be on vacation every day ! :)