Marchand Damien S

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I will present to you my city : Angers, situated on in the north-west of France.

Lien peu pertinent, tu peux ajouter un lien vers Google maps pour localier Angers

This city’s not very known yet Angers is the third municipality most populated of a big the west (Of France) after Nantes and Rennes. Angers is know for his its castle : Le Chateau d’Angers :


Photo très floue

Before,I lived in “La Roseraie” until my I was 14 years old., I moved since 1 years ago.


I remind myself remember that I played with my friends in the middle of the place (square) of the district.

I did my secondary school in Jules Verne, situated in La Roseraie.

Every week-end, I went to the “Kebab” (It’s a fast food) with my family and with my friends in a during the week.

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