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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is an American rapper, he was born in New Orleans on September 27th, 1982. His real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Junior. He is the founder of the label Young Money Entertainment. He began to sing in 1990. In his field, he is well-known for her quadrilogy Tha Carter. Lil Wayne begin began his career in 1999. In 2010 he goes went to prison, he will be condemned has was sentenced to 8 months of prison. Upon his release, he realizes witnesses his biggest sale of records because he will sell sold 964,000 copies during the first week. On Octuber, 27th 2012, he makes a faintness but now everything goes good I can't understand this sentence .
Lil Wayne played in some movies. The first movie was “ BallerBlockin’ ” in 2000. The last one was “Hurricane Season “ in 2010. In all, he played in four movies. From 2007 till 2010, he was the actor of broadcast movies.

Lil Wayne began his career in 1999 and « Tha Block is Hot », a his first album was double platinium. Helped by his colleagues of Cash Money, he signs released in particular « Fuck Tha World, Drop it Like it's Hot ».
The second album of Lil Wayne in 2000 (« Lights Out »), does not know the same success wasn't as successful (Platinium).
With the third album out in 2002, he not found a it didn't get the same commercial success of as the first and the second ones.

CC-BY Michael Williams (Weezy on Strong Island), via Wikimedia Commons
Légende : ???

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I choose chose to present this rapper since because I like one of his songs in particular :
Mirror, in featuring with Bruno Mars (an American singer).
You can see « Mirror » on Youtube :

Bibliography : Wikipedia and other sites

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Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Jason Statham is an English actor. He was born on September 12th,1967 in Chesterfield (UK). At To this day, he is famous in majority thanks to the film “The transporter”. One of the best of his films.

CC-BYJosh Jensen (Jason Statham), via Wikimedia Commons
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His better best movies are Snatch, Expendables 1 and 2, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels with “The transporter” but for me, the best ever is “High voltage” and if I want to present this actor, it's owing thanks to this film.

Blibliography : Wikipedia and Allociné
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