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Posted by Antoine on 26/03/2011

This is why I chose this topic:

I chose this topic because the pollution from manufacturing is a major cause of problems in the 21st century. It's easy to see, for example, what is happening in Japan with the radioactive leaks. I also chose it because I like everything that relates to ecology and the preservation of our planet. It was also the only topic that attracted me among all those that were proposed to the class. Finally, there are lots that we can talk about in relation to this topic. For example, we can talk about manufacturing associated with agriculture and plants, and the gases released from the manufacture.

Posted by Grégoire on 27/03/2011

My opinion on the project on air pollution from manufacturing:

The project that we worked on was for me an opportunity to better understand the problem of pollution. It also helped me to become aware of the problem of pollution in our planet, and to make my family aware of it too, by speaking with them about its impact on the environment. The only thing that was negative for me was that I didn't necessarily want to work on this subject for the project. Nevertheless, after starting work on it, I began to find it interesting because I became more aware of its prevalent position as an issue in the world today. I saw documentaries about it on TV, images of pollution, and groups or associations trying to make people aware of the problem. I ended up really taking an interest in this topic.

Posted by Thomas on 28/03/2011

I didn’t like working on this topic because I did not choose it; we had to take it as it was the only topic left. I didn't have much to say about it, but it's good that we talked about it because it's a serious topic. The project gave us a chance to speak about it without fear of the police coming after us or anything else that can happen in life when we talk about a sensitive topic such as this.

Posted by Vanessa on 3/31/2011

I chose this topic because it really interests me to find new ways of manufacturing without polluting the earth one day. Also, it is a very big issue and people should be more aware of it.

Je choisis ce thème parce qu'il m'intéresse vraiment à trouver de nouveaux moyens de certains jour fabrication sans polluer la terre. Aussi, c'est un très gros problème et les gens devraient être plus conscients de cela.

Posted by Antoine on 21/04/2011

Hello Vanessa
How is the project going for you and do you like the way it is going?

Posted by Grégoire on 23/04/11

Hello Vanessa. I hope that of your part of the project is going well. For me, I’m progressing well, but I have a small problem: I cannot find documents or sites that have information about organisations that fight against air pollution caused by manufacturing. If you know a site or document that has information relating to this matter, could you please tell me? That would help me a lot! Antoine, Thomas and I did some work on the project based on some information that we found. Enjoy the rest of your week. Bye.

Posted by Vanessa on 6/06/11

I’m sorry that I have not written back in this blog for a while. Anyway, I hope that you are going well with the project, and write me any time! :)

Désolé, je n'ai pas écrit de nouveau, ici, dans un moment. De toute façon, j'espère que vous faites est bien avec le projet. Et m'écrire tout moment! :)