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Hello, my name is Malvina and I live in Angers.
It's a city in the Maine et Loire department with 345 788 inhabitants in 2007.

In the center of Angers there is Place du Ralliement. It's a place where a lot of people meet and have a good time because it has many cafés, les Galeries Lafayette and the Big Theatre renovated a short time ago.


There is also a castle that is very astonishing with it's slate towers and a beautiful garden.


In this castle there is "Tapisseries de l'apocalypse"


And not very far from the castle there is a Cathedral Saint-Maurice, it's beautiful with a path and a fountain.


Angers is a cultural and attractive city with a theatre, cinemas, the "museum des beaux arts", a local disco: "le Chabada", the CNDC (Centre National de Danse Contempraine) and the Quai (a big auditorium).


Angers is also considered as a "green" city with different gardens such as the "jardin du mail", "jardin des plantes", "Parc st Nicolas", "lac de Maine" … Additionally the river Maine passes through the center of the city which gives it a certain charm.


Not long time ago, the city of Angers got its very first tramway. It's very practical, silent and modern !



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