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For the moment, I don't know really what I want to be later but I like everything that has to do with

forensic science.

It allows the identification by certain methods very technical and I find that really *interesting and even incredible all that we can find with forensic science !


source: Le Figaro

I like it already but last year, with school, I could try some experiments because we had to resolve an case. We had*to find the DNA, determine the size of a hair, examine imprints, date the hour of death by observing certain animals which were found on the body …. And I really glad they have that because I like to do experiments, find clues, resolve a mystery ! It confirmed what I thought !
And even if it is not reality, I like watching police dramas such as "NCIS", and CSI ("les experts" in French) …




Forensic science allows the identification of people but sometimes there are errors because it isn't infallible or for to the lack of proof !
For example, we can see it in the famous affair "Omar m'a tuer"
June 24th, 1991, body of Ghislaine Marchal is found stained with blood. The door of the cellar is barricaded and two messages were drawn in letters of blood: "Omar m'a tuer" and "omar m'a t". The victim doubtless indicates Omar Raddad, her gardener. This one will be called and imprisoned. But in this affair there are many *uncertainties.
A few months later after the incarceration of Omar a new analysis of the tracks of blood is asked and the expert in genetics concludes that Omar Raddad's genetic profile is not compatible with DNA found in the mixture on the doors.

Today we do not know if Omar is a murderer or a victim of an incredible miscarriage of justice.

After this affair, Books were written and on June 22nd, 2011 the movie came out in France.


To get a job in forensic science, it's better to make either a series S or STL. After we can continue our studies with IUT, DUT or BTS and take eexamination later.



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