Malvina B. + Ophelie B.

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M: Hello, 'm Malvina B. Is this the River Thames hotel ?
O: Yes it is. Welcome to the River Thames hotel. May I help you ,
M: Yes, I would like a room for 2 people for one week.
O: Ok, I've got a room for you, actually, you can choose between a room with a view on the River Thames which is 1000 pounds per week or a room whitout any view but it's cheaper, It's £600.
M: I would like the room with the beautiful view that looks out onto the River Thames. I don't want to forget this holiday with my boyfriend.
O: Ok, I will give you and your boyfriend this room.
M: I have a question. Are pets allowed in this hotel ?
O: Er No ! It's not possible.
M : Ok, I will have to try and find someone to look after my pet during the week. Thank you, good bye.
O: Good bye , see you soon.

2 months later ..

M: Hello
O: Hello
M : Nice to meet you
O : And you !
M : I have reserved a room for two people under the name of Malvina blot.
O: Oh ok !
Do you want breakfast every morning ?
M : Yes, we would like breakfast every morning. Do you know any London attractions like museums to visit ?
O: Oh yes, there are a lot of places to visit in London like the "London eye", "Buckingham Palace", "Picadilly Circus", "Big Ben" etc
M : Oh thank you! Do you have any flyers to show the way ?
O : Yes, there are lots of flyers in your room. Come with me and I will show you to your room .
M : Oh what a beautiful view and a lovely room!
O : If you want a guide or if you have any problemes, you can contact me and I will be happy to help you.
M : Thank you for your time and your help. We are happy to be here. I think we will have a good week . If we have any problemes we will call you !
O : Ok, good day,
M: Bye miss.