Malvina B.


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My name is Malvina
I am 16 years old. I was born 10 June 1995 and I live in Belle beille and I go to school in Jean Moulin.
At school I study microbiology, biochimistry, French, English, Spanish, matematics …
My favorite subject is biochimistry.
I practice climbing :)
I like to go to the cinema, watch a TV, to go out with my friends and listen to the music.
My favorite movies are "A Walk to Remember", "Pirates the Carribean", "I Am a Number 4" and "Edward Scissorhands" !…
My favorite singers are: Rihanna, Maroon 5, Sum 41, The Beatles, Scorpion, Bob Dylan, Linkin Park …
My favorite book is "La quete des livres mondes" !!

I'm unsure for my job but i like the job forensic scientist.

I would like travel overseas because i love it ! I want to travel to the USA, Lesotho, Spain, etc…

Salut ,
Je m’applle Itzel A. j’ai seize ans, j’habite á Okanogan Wa, Je adore danser et écouter de la musique, parler au teléphone et faire les magasin. Je n’aime pas lire j’aime mieux sortie avec les copains. J’aime le franςais et l’espagnol, Je deteste le math et le chimie. Je adore le chocolat et la glace, je deteste les escargots.
A bientôt

Hi Itzel,
I hope that your holidays went well and that you took advantage of the break.
I liked my Christmas holidays because I spent the beginning of my holidays at my father's and the end at my mother's. And that I like! Because my two families like partying but it is completely different.
At my father's it is rather traditional. They are all dressed well and for the meal it is the classical stuff: seafood, oysters, "foie gras", poultry, yule log.
While at my mother' it is more original, for example this year we ate all together with her brothers and sisters around a couscous and it was delicious !
What I also like during the Christmas holidays is to meet up with my cousins of all ages beacause we laugh and have a lot of fun! I like spending time with them :D
And this year for the new year we are all going to the Masiif Central to my uncle's to spend a great evening. That is going to be brilliant !! :)
Of course, I also took advantage of my holidays to see friends, to go to the cinema, to go into town, to go climbing …
In short, my holidays went very well and I do not want them to end ;)

I wish you a Merry christmas and a very good year :D