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Posted on 12/16/2010
My name is Mallaury. I’m 16 and I'm in sophomore. I love English and animals. I am vegetarian. I hate spending time in front of the television except when watching South Park. I love reading; my favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell. I've been playing basketball for 6 years. I like music too; I listen to everything from the Sex Pistols to Rihanna. I like going to rock concerts. That's all about me. Looking for forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Mallaury.

Posted on 06/01/2011
My village is called ‘Corzé’. It’s a little village completely lost in the countryside. I have only one neighbor. My house is surrounded by fields; it’s really peaceful; I like it. Angers is about 20 minutes away from my village by car. During my Christmas holidays, it didn’t snow in my town whereas all around us, it snowed a lot. I went to the ice rink with friends, visited my family just before Christmas, and spent the New Year with my friends too. I’m so happy to correspond with Americans; you speak very well. Firstly, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Posted on 10/02/2011
Dear Phil, I’m fine and you? Last week, I visited my best friends who are in another high school and, yesterday, I passed the first part (the written part: the code) of my driving test J. I will start driving in March. In 15 days time, we are on holidays, and I can’t wait! We have studied the little cartoon from the movie ‘Bowling for Columbine’. It was fun. Have a nice weekend. Bye. Mallaury

Posted on 25/03/11*
This week, we watched the entire film ‘Bowling for Columbine’. It's really interesting as we learnt a little more about American society through watching this documentary. Last week, we had our class teachers' meeting and I started my driving lessons.

Posted on 25/03/2011
Hi Phil! :) Like Laura said on her personal blog, it was a short week because of strikes. ^^
I'm not sure that I understood your question; do you want to find pictures of free edition?
Have a nice weekend.

Today we saw the last part of Bowling for Columbine, and I learnt more about American society. First of all, Michael Moore shows us how the media chooses their programs to scare the population. As a result, many Americans think they could be attacked in the street or in their houses, so they feel unsafe and they buy guns. In the movie, when Michael walks in the street asking people if they own a gun, a big part said “yes”.

In a peaceful city of hunters where children have guns from childhood, two teenagers, who were described as being “weird” and not really talkative by their classmates, took their parents’ weapons and went to their high school in Littleton where they shot twelve other high school children and a teacher dead. Nobody knows why they did it. Following this incident, politicians, teachers and other authorities in many high schools decided to start checking for guns before pupils entered school. Every act judged to be dangerous were reprimanded severely. Few years after this tragedy, a new victim died from being shot. A little 6 year old girl was killed by her classmate of the same age. The little boy took his uncle’s gun, took it to school and shot the little girl.

The NRA doesn’t care about all those crimes, all those murderers, and they don’t apologize to all the victims and their families. They don't see the link between the right to have a gun and all the people who die every year.

Posted on 21/04/11
Hi Phil! Yes, I had a good week and you? At the moment, it's really sunny and hot. It hasn’t rained for more than three weeks. On Tuesday, we went to the Cointreau Factory. Cointreau is a very popular liqueur that comes from our city. Dita Von Teese represents the brand in the United States. On Saturday, we're on holidays. We're preparing our presentations for English, which we will present in front of our class. Our presentations will be filmed, and the video will be posted here.
Enjoy the rest of your week :) Kindest regards, Mallaury

School life/School system in Angers/France:
- School system in France:
o Primary, secondary and tertiary education.
§ When do you start school in France?
I started school at the age of 3.
§ Is school compulsory for everyone and until what age is it compulsory?
School is compulsory from the age of 6, but you can finish school at the age of 16.

o Baccalauréat:
§ When do you do your BAC?
We do our BAC in our senior year at the age of 18.
§ How does it work?
It’s at the end of the senior year and you sit examinations.
§ Does everyone have to do the Baccalauréat examination?
No, only the people who want to do the BAC sit the examinations.

- School life in Angers/France:
o School hours in France:
§ When are you at school every day?
We are at school from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
§ Do you have breaks during the day?
Every 2 hours, we have a 10/15-minute break.
§ What days aren’t you at school?
We don’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays. Sophomores have Wednesdays off as well.
§ What do students do outside school hours and during the weekends in France?
At the moment, when we don’t have school we play football. But, during the weekends, we don’t do too much as we don’t have a driving licence. We can’t go to parties or see our friends without the consent of our parents.

o Extracurricular activities with the school and outside school:
Last week, we went to a laboratory to see the extraction of the DNA of a bean. We also saw a movie in Spanish, and we had visited a chocolate factory.
§ Does the school have sports teams and musical groups?
Yes, we have rugby team.
§ Do you do any extracurricular activities
I go jogging, paint, listen to music, read, and play on the computer.
§ Do most students participate in extracurricular activities outside school?
§ What are some extracurricular activities that students do outside school?
§ Is it important to do extracurricular activities?

o Jobs:
§ Do students work while studying in France? How about during the holidays?
We can’t work during our studies because we are at school until late (6 p.m.). Some of us get back home at 7 p.m. Our parents are obliged to drive us, and sometimes they can’t, or there are no buses. We can work only during our two months of summer holidays. This summer, I’m going to work in horticulture.

o School holidays:
§ When are school holidays?
The start of the academic year is the 2nd September. Our first holidays are from Saturday, 23rd October until Tuesday, 4th November. This is the Toussaint holidays, and it corresponds to Halloween. After the Toussaint holidays, we have the Christmas holidays. The Christmas holidays begin on 18th December and ends on 4th January. After the Christmas holidays, all other holidays begin on different dates for different regions in France. We’re in “Zone C”, so this year our winter holidays started on 12th February and ended on 28th February. Our spring holidays went from 9th April until 26th April. This year, as we’re sophomores and do not have to take examinations, our summer holidays begin 15th June. However, for our older peers who have examinations, their holidays begin 2nd July.
§ What do students do during school holidays?

Posted on 27/05/11
Hi Phil! Can you tell us how we can access your personal blog on the Okanogan site, please?