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Let me introduce my village..

Soulaire et Bourg


Soulaire et Bourg is a small town located at in the department of Maine et Loire and the country of Pays de la Loire.
The towns and villages closest are : Feneu, Briollay, Ecuillé, Cantenay-Epinard and Cheffes.
The inhabitants are called "Soleirébourgiens" and "Soleirébourgiennes".Soulaire et Bourg account has 1391 inhabitants ( very, very small village !!)
My village is consists of two villages, Soulaire at in the north and Bourg at in the south.

Therse are the places of my village :
In Soulaire :

There is the sports hall and a field of football field., wWhen I was younger I would go to the sports hall all the time, for to play basketball.

There is, the church of Soulaire called Saint Martin :
it's a Building of the 12th century, Rebuilt in the 18th century.

There is the club of "Boule de fort", .I played this game during for two years, (it's interessant interesting but it's a little boring !)The club of "Boule de fort" belongs to the "Cercle Harry de Villoutreys" (it's a club of sports).
The "Boule de fort" is a very traditional ball game in Anjou, and around the borders of the region. The ball has its center of gravity shifted slightly (strong side) compared to the tread (metal circle), so she it never follows a straight path. The Ffield with has raised edges, extremely "rolling" is also on the trajectory of the ball so that the ball rolls extremely in its trajectory.

The "Boule de fort" is classified as traditional game of Pays de la Loire in the inventory of intangible cultural heritage by the French Ministry of Culture.

The school Jacques Cartier where I did my primary schooling:

there is too one hotel-restaurant called "Le relais du Plessis-Bourré"_.

tThe city hall is located near the Church Saint-Martin.

Soulaire has a castle called "Les Grands Ruaux".It's a private proprity so I have never visited this place.Near the castle there is a chapel.


In Soulaire there the lowers valleys who are flooded at the moment because there have been a lot of water has fallen. It's the most beautiful view in Soulaire et Bourg.I love go to this place for walks because it's very beautiful to see it !


In Bourg :

Bourg has a bar called "Au p'tit Bourg" and one bakery.

tThere is the church of Saint-Martin Du Vertou :
The parish belonged since at least the twelfth century to the Chapter "St Martin d'Angers".In 1857-61, the architect responsible Dellêtre Angers was responsible for to replaceing the old bell frame in a stone tower with an arrow frame.

tThere is a house for associations,. The mission of the hHouse of Associations is to support initiatives, both for those who wish to create an association or for those who wish to actively participate in local events. It is both a place of welcome, listening, information and dialogue.

Also it is near the place of Bourg and every year, at around the first of December there is a market for the Telethon. uUnfortunately there is no such event is organized at Soulaire et Bourg.

At 1 miles of from Bourg there is the castle of "Plessis-Bourré":

tThe XV century fortress is a masterpiece of architecturale, and the castle part of the town Ecuillé. Le Plessis-Bourre is a perfect example of the Transition style. Indeed, its important defense system, including its impressive double drawbridge, its very wide moat, its way round its corner towers and dungeon rank among the fortresses of the late Middle Ages.

Bourg has sunkens for beautiful walks, and green fields where the horses grazinge :

I live in on the rue road of "Chemin de la mercerie". It's a peaceful place, and I love this place !


I presented my village to you, I hope you like this and finally I wanted to tell you that I love my village. For me it's the most wonderful village !!


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