Mace H S

Note 14/20

__Total = 11/16

4/6 points pour l'Anglais (assez bien)
2/3 points pour le choix/Intérêt du texte (assez intéressant)
3/3 points pour un texte personnel ou personnalisé (personnalisé)
1/2 points pour le nombre de mots //(pas assez)

Non noté /2 points pour le respect droits
Non noté /2 points pour la bibliographie
1/2 points pour l'organisation/mise en page (pas assez attrayant)

Culture in the American film: The next three days:

In the U.S prison system, the held the prisoners are held in detention and there their family can see them in a big room with lots of bright colors and friendly but they do not have the right to embrace and to touch them. When the held and there family to see without children they speak through a glass I can't correct this sentence because I don't understand what you mean .
At the level of the security, the held’s family must pass lots of tests like, for example, the metal detector…
In the movie, we can see the Pittsburgh stronghold which protects the city.
The children has have a very important place , it has an important they have the same place as an adults
The end of the film is more tragic that the French movie which is more reflective (???) , this is typical of American movies.

Pour Elle :

I really enjoyed this film, because it was emouvant moving and there was a lot of scenes with suspense but there was not a lot of action scenes, it's a shame. This film is more focused on the feelings of the characters that than on the spectacular.