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I live in a village in "Maine et Loire": Feneu. Feneu is close to the city of Angers. It is situated in 11 km in to the North of Angers, in 5 km of from Cantenay-Épinards et and Montreuil-Juigné.

The mayor of Feneu is Bernadette Coiffard. There is are 2,159 inhabitants. The inhabitants is are called: "fanouins".

Everything the years, there are is a triathlon in the pPort Albert. Since For two years, my parents is have volunteered for the triathlon.and. There is also an attic sale in Feneu everything the years, in April.

In Feneu, there are:
-a medical house medicale
-Open-air dance hall
-a pharmacy
-two schools
-two castles
-a city hall


Half a century before Christ, the earth area of Feneu was populated with Gallic tribes being connected with the race of the Andes established on current Anjou.
The population of the village was surprised by the arrival of the services of the genius Romains which who wanted to draw a Roman way connecting Angers with the Lion of Angers. This work brought on these places some storekeepers, in the smiths, saddlers …
Of this Roman passage of Romain, there is only an important track trace: the name of FENEU. Romains built a small temple in the location of the current church, which said to itself below in Latin: "Fanum". This name was transformed over the centuries into Feneu. The activity(occupation) of the Romains lasted approximately 500 years.


This is the mill of Sautré


This is the eglise church


This is a bourgeois house.


This is the school of fireman


This is the castle of Sautré


This is the port Albert.

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