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Posted on 16/12/2010
Hello, My name is Lindsay. I’m 15 years old, French, and I live in Angers. I love listening to music and watching TV. I often go to the cinema. I like reading and spending time shopping. I like playing on my computer. I hate spiders and sharks. Later on, I want to be a scientific policewoman or a teacher. That's all I can say about me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kindest regards, Lindsay

Posted on 06/01/2011
I live in Angers, which is not very well known internationally. I live in a small area of Angers that is very nice. The policemen come very often at night into the area because there are a lot of drugs and alcohol, violence, and cars stolen and burnt. Lots of people are scared but not me. Even if some people think it's dangerous, it's not because everybody knows everybody, and if you are not looking for trouble, you don't risk anything. Angers is a big city, and many parts of it is a lot different from where I live. There are lots of things to do such as swimming in a swimming pool, in rivers or in lakes, as well as spending time in the city centre for shopping and going to the cinema. <BYE for now, Lindsay

Posted by Lindsay on 31/03/2011
Today we saw the last part of ‘Bowling for Columbine’. It's a film about arms and murder in USA. The United States is the country where you find the highest rate of arms related murders.
In the film, Michael Moore, the director of film, interviews a lot of people who have had a history of violence. He begins with the terrible incident at Columbine High School, where two students fired on other students and teachers. He presents how the media portrayed the incident and its causes. The media suggested that the “slaughter committed by the two boys was caused by Marilyn Manson” because they listened to his music. Michael Moore also discovers during the film that the two pupils had gone bowling just before they killed the students at this high school.

Michael Moore also talks about the story of the little girl aged 6, who was shot and killed by another pupil of the same age.
Lindsay 31/03

Posted by Ivan on 14/04/11
I've actually never watched that movie. But isn't it about those one guys who shot up classmates in littleton , Colorado. I think thats about right. Marilyn Manson is like emo music. I think its pretty sad what happened but ill try to watch that movie sometime, bye
Je n'ai jamais en réalité observé ce film. Mais n'est pas cela de ces un types qui ont abattu des camarades de classe dans littleton, le Colorado. Je pense thats du droit. Marilyn Manson ressemble à la musique emo. Je pense son assez triste ce qui est arrivé, mais l'essai malade d'observer ce film un jour ou l'autre, au revoir

Posted by Ivan on 15/04/11
bonjour, I will be organizing our webpage and anding more data to our webpage like History, skateholders, more data and possible solutions. I like how its turning out. talk to you soon
sincerely Ivan.

Bonjour, j'organiserai notre page Web et anding plus de données à notre page Web comme l'Histoire, skateholders, plus de données et des solutions possibles. J'aime comment son tournage de. Parlez-vous bientôt

The preparations for Easter begin from the end of Shrove Tuesday with the Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of the Fast. The Ash Wednesday, the Christians go(surrender) to the church for the distribution(casting) of Ashes. It is a day of self-examination and to regret. Ashes remind that the man is dust and will become again dust.

The Fast was strictly observed till the beginning of the 20th century. For 40 days, equivalent in the 40 days crossed(spent) by Jesus Christ in the desert, the Christians follow a half-fast in the course of which certain rich and meat-based food is forbidden. The period of the Fast is similar to a time(weather) of purification and spiritual rise to get ready for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Posted by Ivan on 24/05/11*
Bonjour, WOW, qui est joli frais(cool), je n'ai pas su(connu) dont, ce comme est une grande célébration en France ? Pour moi, je ne suis pas vraiment que religous donc je ne fais pas vraiment le bidule "rapide".De voie vous l'avez écrit le fait sembler que votre ville soit vraiment de près.Notre ville est assez petite ainsi chacun la sorte de se connaît. Avez-vous myspace ou facebook ? Bien je dois aller, vous parler plus tard, Lindsey au revoir

Bonjour ,wow, that is pretty cool, I did not know about that, is that like a big celebration in France? For me, i'm not really that religous so I don't really do the "fast" thingy. The way you wrote it makes it sound like your city is really close. Our town is pretty small so everybody kind of knows each other. Do you have a myspace or facebook? Well i've got to go, talk to you later ,Lindsey. bye