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[GFDL ou CC-SA-3.0], By Rolf Gebhardt, 1978 via Wikimedia Commons
Louis de Funès, movie's lead actor

Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez is a French movie. This comedy has been was released in 1964 and was directed by Jean Girault. It was the first movie of a saga of six :

• Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez
• Le gendarme à New York
• Le gendarme se marie
• Le gendarme en balade
• Le gendarme et les extra-terrestres
• Le gendarme et les gendarmettes

The leads actors who play in this film are :

• Louis de funès in the cast role of sergeant chief Ludovic Cruchot
• Geneviève Grad in the cast role of Ludovic Cruchot's daughter
• Michel Galabru in the cast role of the warrant officer Gerber
• Jean Lefebvre in the cast role of the policeman Lucien Fougasse
• Christian Marin in the cast role of the policeman Albert Merlot
• Guy Grosso is the policeman Gaston Tricard
• Michel Modo is the policeman Jules Berlicot
• Nicole Vervil appears in this movie as Mrs Cécilia Gerber who is the warrant officer Gerber's wife
• Maria France Rumilly is the religious sister Clotilde

Summary of the movie :

Thanks to his loyal and long services as sergeant in the city of Belvedere in the Alpes-Maritimes Ludovic Cruchot get gets a promotion. That's why he's promoted as sergeant chief in Saint-Tropez. He first takes part in vain and repetitive actions against nudists and leaded by under the orders of the warrant officer Gerber. His daughter, Nicole, who was bored a lot in the past is dazzled by the luxury beauty of the new city town. But she hasn't arrived managed to be accepted by the young middle-class yet. She invents a wealthy father who is a millionaire who owns a yacht in this city town . His name is Archibald Ferguson but she says she never met him. He tries with all the by every means to preserve his official identity in front of his warrant officer and his colleagues.
It's the famous song of policemen : Policemen's stroll which is in this movie.

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[CC-2.0], By Jackie from Monmouth County, NJ, USA, 2006 via Wikimedia Commons
The Village People - In The Navy at Asbury Park, New Jersey June 3, 2006

Village People is an American group of disco music which was produced by two French men : Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo. This group sang and performed between 1977 and 2001.

The name of Village People comes from Greenwich Village where it has been the group was founded. It's also the meeting point of the gay community.
The Village People's themes, styles and costumes made of this group a symbol of the gay movement but nobody in this group was homosexual.
It was a very successfull group. They sold more than 65 millions million records and singles.

The singers who composed this group were :

  • Victor Willis, Ray Simpson and Pablo Vidal in the cast role of the motorcycle cop
  • Felipe Rose in the cast role of the native american
  • Alex Briley in the cast role of the soldier
  • Randy Jones then Jeff Olson in the cast role of the cowboy
  • David Hodo in the cast role of the construction worker
  • and… Gienn hughes, Eric Anzalone then Chris K in the cast role of the « man dressed in leather » then the biker.

[GFDL, CC-SA-3.0 ou FAL], By Mario Casciano (Travail personnel), 1978 via Wikimedia Commons
Original members of the disco group Village People 1978

The creation of the group resulted from the encounter between Jacques Morali and Felipe Rose at Greenwich Village (New York) in 1977. They wanted to include in a group the clichés of the most macho men appreciated in the gay world. They have been were inspired by Tom of Finland who was a gay icon very appreciated at the moment time.
Jacques Morali and his partner Henri Belolo decided to make auditions to complete the group. Village People sang many very famous pieces of music like YMCA or In the Navy …
In 1980, a movie which talked about the history of the group has been directed was released. It's It was a failure.
The group took a break in 1986 and created his its own record company to realize his before going on tour. They sang again but they stoped permanently in 2001.

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