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Ménitré is a city in France situated in the department of Maine-et-Loire in the Loire region.
There are two thousand eighty nine (2,089) inhabitants in the municipality who live on a surface of seventeen km² with a density of one hundred and twenty three (123) inhabitants by per km². The inhabitants of the Ménitré are called Ménitréens and Ménitréennes. The nearby cities are Thoureil, Saint-Rémy-la-Varenne, Saint Mathurin-sur-Loire, Mazé and Beaufort-en-Vallée.
In Ménitré there are several places ansd monuments:
There are:

-A city hall ( Style Napoléon III )


-The churkch Holy Jean Baptiste


-The Holy port Maur on the bank of the Loire in Front of Saint-Maur's Abbey


-Jeanne's manor house of Laval (XI the century)


-The mill of Groisland (XVIII the century)


-The mill of the virgin
-The house of the poet "Marc Leclerc"

- The island of Baure


-The Mining arboretum "Minier"
-And a media library built in two thousand and six 2006

Furthermore, as far as shops are concerned there is a café, a tobacco, store, a chemist's shop, two bakeries, a hairdresser, a surgery surgeon, a butcher's shop, a delicatesser and two small supermarkets.
Then there are two schools, a pupblic and one deprived private ?.
We also have in Ménitré the cultural activities for the party in headgears ?? in July and several associations of Balls of fort "boule de fort".

What is practical in Ménitré it is that we have a station.
It is a French railroad station startinged in one thousand eight hundred forty nine 1849. It allows us to circulate between Angers Saint -Laud and Saumur.


Every day I use the station near my home to go to school. I take the local train every morning at 6:45 am to begin lessons at 8 am and every evening at 5:50 pm to return home at 6:15 pm.

King Louis XI ( 1423-1483) came freqeuently to Ménitré to go to Angers Saint-Laud as well to Ponts-de-Cé. The King possessed several boats and knew perfectly that the boat trip was better thatn travelingon the earth ground.
The King passed regularly by the Loire and the considered that the transport in the Kingdom is should be improved by it based on this means of transportation.

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