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I live in St-Barthélémy. St-Barthélémy is a little city near Angers, in the north-west of France and there are 9075 people living there. They are named "bartholoméens" for men and "bartholoméenes" for women. There is many big companies in the industrial park of St-Barthélémy, like Cointreau, Cotra, Leroy Merlin, Netto, thyssenkrup. The park and the castle of Pignerolles are very big monuments which organize every year events and shows, like "le cross du courrier de l'ouest". There are 5 schools. There is a little theater whose name is "le THV" and a big riding school. There are also many sports clubs, St-Barthélémy supports sportmen in every sport such as football, basketball, rugby, tennis, badminton, horse riding, rock climbing, hand ball, athletism, dancing, boxing, judo, and many other sports ! However the city supports intellectuals too with a very big library.

History of St-barthélémy..

1709 : there is a very cold winter, many people died .
1772 : the first school was created .
1779 : the black year, many people were sick and die because of the dysentery
1874 : a church was built
1880 : two news schools were built
1900 : the first fire station was built, today it's the biggest fire station of the department !
1930 : 2000 people live in the city
1932 : rené bazin died, he was a very important person for st-barthélémy.
during the second world war, 52 people were killed by the nazis !
1945 : st-barthélémy was saved and delivered by French soldiers, the " 6eme régiment du génie"
1987 : 10000 people live there .
2009 : I moved here.

cartes-postales-photos-Chateau-de-Vangoyeau-ST-BARTHELEMY-D-ANJOU-49124-8009-20080116-1k3w4x7p0w8f4d1y6b5x.jpg-1-maxi.jpg this is the first school of st-barthélémypuitbdef.jpg an old big company . Etang-St-Barthelemy-d-Anjou.jpg a beautiful park near my home . Pignerolle%20Novembre%202010%20254.JPG casttle of pignerolles .


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