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My name is Julien. i live in Angers. I'm seventeen years old. I study architecture in Jean Moulin High School. My favourite subjects are mathematics and sports. Outside of school, I practice basketball and boxing. in my free time i ride. My favourite movie is "full metal jacket" from stanley kubrick, and i listen all of types of music.

in the future i want to be a soldier, i want to go to the school of St-Maixent.
i have one little brother and one little sister.

Bonjour, Ça va?

Je m’appelle Corbin R. J’ai Quinze ans. Je suis deuxième année. Qu’est-ce que tu amie faire ? Tu aimes le Hockey, le vélo, le football, le football américaine, le ski, le Français. Tu as quel cours ? J’ai l’histoire, la Géographie, l’algèbre , J’adore l’eps.

Au revoir

Hello corbin, i'm fine thank's, and you how are you ?

I study, history, géography and algebra too. what is your favorite movie ? have you ever been in france ? and where do you live ?
Tu amies le sport Americano? And what seasons do you like for sports?

good bye, have a nice week .

Hi Julien, I’m great! I don’t really have a favorite movie because I watch almost all genres but the movie that puts me in a good movie “Super Troopers”. I have never been to France but I would like to and also visit Nice. And I was born in Spokane Washington, but when my mom got remarried I moved to Okanogan. Who’s your favorite artist (doesn’t need to be from America)? Have you ever seen a hockey game? I love hockey! Comment tu trouves le l’anglais? C’est Ça va. Vous avez l’allemand ? Moi, non.

A tout à l’heure, Corbin

hi corbin, i'm great too ! i watch also all genres too but i particularly love movies from stanley kubrick, do you know him ? i have never been to Nice, some of my friends have been there, it's a really beautiful city ! i have seen spokane in "google maps" it's a big city, more than Angers. i haven't got a really favorite artist, i love literature, my favortite author are french, Camus, Vian, Vernes.. do you know them ? in my country they are very very famous, all people known them. i'm not really interrested about hockey, but in my city there is a very good team, we called them "les ducs d'angers" ! i love english but i don't study dutch, i study spanish in school .

see you later, julien.

Hi Julien my favorite Authors are J.K. Rowling, J.J.R. Tolken and my most favorite is Clive Cussler. Know any of them? J’ai une demi-sœur, le beau-père, et la belle-mère. How big is your family ?

hi corbin, i also love J.K. rowling, harry potter is one of my favourites book, and J.J.R. tolkein is the author of lord of the rings, it's also a good story ! My family is not big, i have one brother and one sister, and my parents are divorced too.

ps : when you are writting french, you make some mistakes, do you want i correct them ?


you can have confidence with Julien because is very inteligent, is the first of the class
In Angers, we call that " tête d'ampoulle" ^^
bye bye

well maxime, go wright in your wall, please :)
bye, julien.

Yeah go ahead and correct my mistakes Julien.
Whats your favorite car?

Hi Julien does your school have sports?

hi corbin, yes there is many sport in my school, i'm in the basket team, and you does your school have sports ?


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