Julien C & Maxime J

Thomas is a French student, he is coming from Angers & he is going to london to see his friend, Eliot. The scene takes place in London heathrow airport when Thomas meets Eliot for the first time..__

Eliot - Hi thomas, it's me Eliot !

Thomas - Eliot ! Nice to meet you, how are you ?

Eliot - Fine thank's, and you ?

Thomas - I'm fine too. I'm really happy to be here !

Eliot - Great ! please come, my dad is waiting for us.. give me your suitcase, I will put it in the car .

Thomas - thank you, are we going to your home now ?

Eliot - not yet, I hope you are not tired, I want to show you some famous places in London before we go to my house

Thomas - oh, that's really great ! Where shall we go first ?

Eliot - hmm the street is close, we will use the undreground, we have to see Wembley stadium, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace!

Thomas - this is a wonderful program ! but it's two o'clock and I'm really hungry !

Eliot - there is a restaurant in front of Wembley Stadium, we will eat there !

Thomas - thank you very much. Oh, Eliot I almost forgot, I've a present for you. Here you are! - we call that "quernons d'ardoise" it's very good chocolate. Angers is the only city in the world which makes it !

Eliot - Oh, thank you so much. I love chocolate, and I've a present for you too - it's a flag of Great Britain. You should put it in your bedroom and think about me when you see it !

thomas - Oh thank you Eliot, it's really a beautiful present.

Eliot - we have arrived and this is the restaurant. So we have only spoken about London, tell me something about your city !

Thomas - Oh there is not many things to say about Angers, except that I think it's a beautiful city, the people are great, there is a big castle and they have just built their first tramway !

Eliot - In London we have the underground. I think it's faster than the tramway !

Thomas - I think so too. London is better equipped than Angers ! But in Angers the sun is often shinning, in London it's raining every day !

Eliot - (Eliot and Thomas are laughing) not every day, but we have more rain than you .

Thomas - well, I can't eat any more !

Eliot - Great, so do you want to go to see Buckingham Palace ?

Thomas - of course !

Eliot - Let's go !

Below are a few photos of London with its moments & Angers with its tramway

100625043440931709.jpg Wembley Stadium 49851267bossep05014.jpg London Heatrow airport 94%7cf2960a%7c5baf_15083-londonunderground.jpg London underground 280px-Trafalgar_Square,_London_2_-_Jun_2009.jpg Trafalgar Square Buckingham_Palace.jpg above Buckingham palace 63538_tramext-jd491.jpg and here is the tramway in Angers .

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