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Type :I'll speak about "TRUST"a french Hard rock and heavy metal band. This band is famous for its most important song which is "Antisocial" in the album "Repression."


The band was created by Bernard Bonvoisin called"Bernie"who is the singer and Norbert Krief called "Nono" who is the lead guitarist the 3 other important musicians are Yves Brusco called "vivi" who plays Bass Guitar and guitar Moho Shemlack who is guitarist too and since 1996 there is also David Jacob who plays guitar bass. Since the beginning there have been a lot of drumers in the group but we can name Nicko McBrain who left the group to go to the English group "Iron Maiden" and Clive Burr who came from Iron Maiden.

the first song of the group was recorded with the publishing house "EMI" when they recorded this song the group met the singer of AC/DC Bon Scott and The guitarist of the Rolling Stones Keith Richards ,the album was a failure but the band became friends with AC/DC. After that TRUST opened for of AC/DC concerts. And signed with CBS for its next album:"L'élite" with songs like "police-milice" or "L'élite"

The most famous album of TRUST is "Repression" with the song "Antisocial" but also a song which speaks about Jacques Mesrine this song is called "Le mitard"

After the death of Bon Scott the band made a song named "Ton Dernier Act"which speaks about him. This song can be comparated with blues.

I think this band is the best French hard rock group because of their engaged songs and particular style which use blues influance, hard rock sonority and punk and engaged text


at the left Nono the guitarist and at the right bernie the singer