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St. Malo


Population:there are is a population of 50 000 inhabitants in St Malo ,there are called the "malouin"

The city: St Malo is a fortifyied city located in britain Brittany .The city is a seaside resort so in summer the population grown grows to 200 000.

Climate and Tide :St Malo have has a tempered temperate climate. The temperature are is warmest than over britain's city than other Breton cities because of the Gulf Stream.The St Malo Tide are is one of the bigger Europe's bigger Tides :the water can grown up of 14 meters

640px-%C3%89ventail_12022009.JPGThe tide in St Malo

History/Culture:St Malo became a rich city with the discovery of America and the exchange with India,there were a lot of ship-owners and famous people: mariners like Jacques Cartier who discovered Canada, scientists like Monpertuis and writers like Chateaubriand
The city also plays an importeant role in the war against the United Kingdom and Holland because the city has a harbour for Corsair like Surcouf.
The exploitation of the European colony made the fortune of ship-owners and helped the developement of the city.

The developement stopped during the French Revolution but after that the city developped the fishing and tourism industries.
The bigger concert hall is the "Omnibus"wich can receive 920 people ,there are two theatres
there are is also a lot of music festivals in the city.

640px-IMG_2935_StMalo.JPGThe harbor of St Malo

Eighty Percent of the city was destroyed because of the 2nd world war and was restored after that.


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