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Present "your place" here =} (Présente ton endroit/ville/village ici =})


I live in a place named "Beaucouzé," west of Angers. The Mayor of Beaucouzé is Didier Roisné. This place was created in 1793 but the first population arrived in 1132 with the creation of a Chapel. There is a population of aproximately 5000 inhabitants.

In Beaucouzé we have some place dedicated to culture like the "Grange dîmière" wich is us for exposition like the "MCL",wich have been restored this year " but the "MCL" is also use for reunion and for show, and a Mediathèque
images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQvUCqlCU_1-nNx_ACcf8Xyrc8jsyx0d77c_JEgDhDIrgC36jhCgQa photo exposition in the médiathèque

there are also sport's place like the "jacques Aubineau" 's sports complex, a Tennis room and a skate park
the town make an exchange with "Selb" a 17000 inhabitant town in germany.

The town make a lot of project like "L'Atoll"which is a commercial complex and will oppened in 2012 ,a Tramway line which reach angers in 2018 and more generalty the magnyfication of the town

The town have receive his names of a pond ,amed "Couzé"


this is the town hall

Hugo, the pictures look nice. Please add a bit more about your town. This is too short. Thanks!