Hugo B. + David L.

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Corrected text

We will write a sketch about a barman and a client. They speak about rock'n'roll or sports.

Barman : Hello …(name)! What are you drinking today?
Client : Today… I want beer.
Barman : Ok !
The Client is drinking the beer and the barman is cleaning a glass
Client : Have you ever been too see the Rolling Stones in concert in London?
Barman : Oh yes, I've seen them
Client : Man, this is the Rolling Stones , I give anything to see the!
Barman :but there are no places left.
Client : crap. At least I can go to see Pink Floyd's Live; I have my tickets.
Barman : yes but you'll miss the Rolling Stones, and me, I'll can see them.
client : you are a lucky man.
Barman : yes, another beer ?
Client : yes. And what about sports ?
Barman : Sports ?
the client is drinking his beer again
Client : yeah man ,I'm going to see the match between the All Blacks and France at Twickenham
Barman : This is a good match
Client : yes and if our team wins, I'll buy a beer for everyone
Barman : this is good for my business
the client finishes his beer
Client : Now speaking about music, I saw Iron Maiden last week
Barman : yeah Iron Maiden is a great heavy metal band. But Black Sabbath is a better band
client : No Iron Maiden has better songs
Barman : This is a Joke, Black Sabbath is the greatest heavy metal band in the world
client : I think AC/DC is the best band ever
Barman : I agree


Client : I didn't realize that it was that time. I have to go home
the client pays for the beer
Client : See you man
Barman : yeah, see you