Hugo B.


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My name is Hugo.I'm 16 years old.I live in Beaucouzé.I study microbiology ,biochemistery…
My favourite subject is chemistery.My hobbies are listening to music ,reading mangas and watching films…
My favourites bands are AC\DC,Iron Maiden,Pink Floyd,Metallica,Scorpion,Rammstein,Trust,Iron savior(and other rock/heavy/hard…bands)
My favourites manga are One Piece,D.gray-man,Tripeace…
My favourites films are action and fantasy films.
I don't know what I want to do in the future but I think I going to do a BTS in Biotechnology.

Je m’appelle Cameron. J’ai seize ans. J’habite à Washington. J’aime le football, le Football Américain, soulever des poids, et la chasse. Le football est mon sport favori pour jouer et regarder . J’ai sept cours, “drafting”, la chimie, l’histoire, “web design”, la géométrie, la Français, l’anglais. J’adore la chimie et “web design”. Quelles classes avez-vous? Tchao !

Hello Cameron. Sorry for answering so late
In our class we have French, English, maths, German and Spanish (me I study German )history and geography (in the same class), chemistry, Sports, biotechnology (microbiology and biochemistry ) and biology.
I don't do sports outside of the school because of the lack of free time but I play the electric guitar at home and I listen to a lot of music, mostly rock, hard rock, punk and metal music. In fact I listen to a lot of old groups like Black Sabbath, the Rolling Stones…
.And you what type of music like you listening ?

Salut. Désolé pour répondre si lentement, je nai pas eu assez de temps pour obtenir un message tapé. Qu'est-ce que tu voudrais pour noël? Je voudrais un Xbox 360 et travaux sur les choses! Salut!

during the holiday I go went to Belgium a land located at the north of France with my familly.We visited in Bruges.

The week of Christmas I go at my grandparents house. I can see friends who live there that was cool because I see them rarely.
I passed spent Christmas with my father's family. I have got a comic book a "Mötorhead"T-shirt and money
after that I go went to my mother's family before coming home.I passed spent the 31th december with my parent's friends that was fun.

during the end of holiday I played video game and I listened to music. After that I begian my homework and I think "welcome to 2012"

I hope you have had a great holiday and for to answer to your question I had not any idea of what I wanted for Christmas.