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La Rochelle

My plan of presentation:

-Historyof the city,
-Description of the city,
-Tourist area,
-Information of the city (diverse),

I chose this city because a friend often has me about it to speak speaks about it as commme a dynamic and attractive city.
I would like to go in to the city to see of with my own eyes. La Rochelle is a big city which is on the coast near the Atlantic Ocean,
it is also for it this reason that I want to speak about about it.


The quality of life is very good and of more what's more La Rochelle is often associated
with the environment which we can see also on in these photos.
So La Rochelle by its city millennium offers a good comfort to every inhabitant.

The current mayor of La Rochelle is Maxime Bono, function which he occupies since 1999. Elected a mayor by the City Council on April 19th, 1999.
According to the data of the Insee, the population of the city of La Rochelle is 75 822 inhabitants
With a municipal surface of 2 843 hectares, the density of population amounts to 2 667 inhabitants by km ², what makes it the city most densément densely populated with Poitou-Charentes and one with 220 cities most densément densely populated with in France
La Rochelle not only the city the most populated city with the Charente-Maritime, but also the first built-up area of the department. It's the same for his its urban area where she(it) occupies by far this first row.
The city counted more than 10 200 students (among which more than 6 000 at the University) in 2005-2006. This city makes several students come of from different regions by these diverse seeas of school exploration.
La Rochelle consists of 12 districts,
The town rochelaise, renowned for its "quality of life", made a commitment for a long time in a politics of environmental protection and reasoned development.


Blazon of La Rochelle represent the boat and the sea because the city situate next to ocean.

Historyof the city


Blazon of La Rochelle

In the Middle Ages, La Rochelle is already an important city, it from the XIIth century. So, the aunisienne city was the stake in the French and English crowns and was under the English suzerainty repeatedly. The fame of La Rochelle will begin to take shape with the fall of the Sires of Chatelaillon.


Because of its geographical situation, La Rochelle was near the English possessions in France. In this case, the commercial rochelaise activity shone to the Northern Europe (England, Germanic Roman Empire). La Rochelle was then a brilliant commercial city. So, during its medieval history, in particular during the Hundred Years' War, La Rochelle passed under the English crown repeatedly.
The foreigners, and more particularly the English people, who occupied for a long time the city, had nicknamed it the " white City ", in reference to the fact that seen by the sea, the city was of one whiteness sensational whiteness. The castle Vauclair pulled moreover its name of the Latin valde clarum, which means largely clearly, bright or white.


It is from the 19 th century when the commercial port of La Rochelle settlesd down on the current site of Pallice. Nevertheless, this place did not still carry this name: in the Middle Ages, we named him it conche putrida, this district was already the theater of historic events.


In 1568, the city of La Rochelle joins the Protestant party, Aunis and Saintonge already counting in the XVIth of numerous followers of Calvin. La Rochelle, perceived as a Protestant city, is was going to suffer from the intolerance of the Catholics and the Protestants. Between 1562 and 1598, Aunis and Saintonge underwent eight religious wars, all the more violent conflicts as the Catholic and Protestant populations were mélées mixed. After 1628 and the fall of the refuge Huguenot refuge, against reform continues in Charente-Maritime. The Monarchy leads led a politics policy of repression of the reformed religion and the conversion to the Catholicism.

Description of the city

La Rochelle is above all a littoral municipality, situated in border of the Atlantic Ocean, and characterized by a big variety of natural sites, a certain number of which was able to be fitted out to fix the human and economic activities: three ports(bearings), three beaches.
La Rochelle is situated in the center of the French Atlantic Coast, in front of the îles de Ré, on the West, of Oléron and Aix, in the South and southwest. Or is situated a kind of natural barrier protect his harbour site. It is what what, always, favored the development of the coastal city océane.
Two aspects geography of this city are to be found and explains largely the current development of the harbour city. On one hand, his positron position enclosed in the national territory and, on the other hand, its very favorable maritime situation.


On the geographical plan, La Rochelle occupies a position enclosed in the national territory, having lived lived for a long time away from the main trunk roads of communication. The modernization of the road and railroad infrastructures widely contributed to raise this handicap of a geographical position in the margins of the nation. This little favorable geographical situation allows him it however to escape the heavy urban influences of the capital and the big regional metropolises.


La Rochelle constitutes the place of destination of the canal of Marans, this last one corresponds to a " canal of junction " between Deprives it niortaise, in 20 km in the North of the city, and the Atlantic Ocean, in the bay of La Rochelle. This canal, called locally canal of Rompsay and which was built in the course of the XIXth century, results directly in the site of the Old Man-port, separating the heart of the old town of the district St Nicholas' Day and being crossed by four bridges, of which a footbridge for pedestrians was built just upstream to bridge locks which looks onto the Old man-port.


Tourist area


La Rochelle in has the chance to be able to propose several diverse activities diverse to the tourists with first of all his geographical situation at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean what which makes the tourists for come taken to take advantage of the sea and the various activities on beaches as for example:L'aquarium aquarium of La Rochelle is a part of the biggest European aquariums. About 10 000 animals of four places of the planet being divided 3 000 m ³ of sea water distributed on 65 ponds where are recreated the natural circles of sorts of all the oceans and the seas of the world. But La Rochelle proposes besides the events as:
- the Big Bulwark
- Francofolies, festival of music created in 1984.
- the international Festival of the movie, which takes place every year in May since 1973.
- jazz festival of La Rochelle
- Web-TV Festival, every year in March;
- the Spring of the poets in March;
-The festival of Théatre in July;
-The festival of the TV drama in September;
- the Spring of the poets in March;
-The festival of Théatre in July;
-The festival of the TV drama in September;
-The festival of the Movie of adventure in November.


And of more an initiative to become known the culture of the region and La Rochelle:

- the museum of the Fine arts(School of Fine Arts) of La Rochelle, based in 1844.
- the museum of Orbigny-Bernon, installed since 1921.
- the natural history museum, which settled down in 1831.
- the museum of the New World,
- the maritime museum,
- the museum rochelais of the Last War
- the museum rochelais of Protestant history,
- the museum of mockups,
- the museum of the perfume bottle.



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