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The french film that I like is Largo Winch. This film is very good. There is a decorations sound very well and made and the actors we chosen well and the actors are chosen well. The landscape is beautiful and good.
Largo Winch

Largo Winch is a film full of action and adventure, it is for this that I chose this work of Jerome Salle. This film is appreciated by many people for its visual quality but also its quality in-game characters and dialogue. What I appreciate strongly in this film is also the change of places and landscapes. Besides the casting is good, Tomer Sisley and Sharon Stone's good actors.
My opinion on Largo Winch is positive. I loved this film through the mysterious story that wants to convey to the viewer. there are several actors in this movie as:
Tomer Sisley (Largo Winch)
Kristin Scott Thomas (Ann Ferguson)
Miki Manojlovic (Nerio Winch)
Mélanie Thierry (Léa / Naomi)
Gilbert Melki (Freddy)
Anne Consigny (Hannah)
Karel Roden (Mikhaïl Korsky)
Steven Waddington (Stephan Marcus)
Radivoje Bukvic (Goran)
Nicolas Vaude (Gauthier)
Bojana Panic (Melina)
Benjamin Siksou (Largo adolescent)
Elizabeth Bennett (Miss Pennywinkle)
Benedict Wong (William Kwan)
Lubomir Misak (Le père de Nerio)
Micaelle Mee-Sook (Rebecca)
Ivan Marevich (Josip)
André Oumansky (Wallenberg)
Andre Agius (Nerio ado)
Vella Jake (Largo Winch bébé)
Byron Jeong (L'homme d'affaires chinois)
Michael Langton (Arthur Berman, le directeur financier de Korsky)
Becky Lee (La reporter TV)
Digger Mesch (Le gardien de prison)
Eddy Ko (Le tatoueur)
Derek Ting (Le technicien de l'hôtel)
Ross Westgate (Le journaliste de CNBC)