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François a 14 year old schoolboy left for England to stay with a family and do a 4th year of high school to improve his oral English. His host family is called McKinley. He one the area to be very kind (I can't understand the first part of this sentence) and François speaks very well and has fun with the son of the Family, Jack. later to be to arrive for the first time to his family (I can't understand the first part of this sentence).

François: Hello Jack, my name is François. And you?

Jack: Hello, François. Then how kept silent goes? (I can't understand the first part of this sentence). So do you find England** beautiful?

François: Yes, I have already seen lots of places : the Abbey of Westminster, Big Ben and the Tower Bridge.

Jack: oh! Yes, you've seen lots of things. Do you want to come to watch TV with me?

François: Yes

Jack: Follow me.

François: Ok.

They arrive in the lounge and sit on the sofa.

François: Have you many television channels here?

Jack: Yes, we have not bad BBC of it New, TV Cycling (I can't understand this sentence) and Eurosport. But we are going to watch a Movie.

François: ah! Ok.

Jack: What kind** of movies do you like? Horror, action, adventure.

François: An action movie, please.

Jack: OK. I have Outlander, Transform 2 and Ultimate Game.

François: I would indeed like to watch Ultimate Game.

Jack: It is good. You've made the right choice.

Jack puts the movie on and sets the language (:English), then presses start. Both boys watch the movie, but François does not understand everything and makes a sign to Jack.

François: I can't understand very much.

Jack: Oh! You don't understand. If you want it we can go to play a football with my friends.

François: Yes. I often play football in France. I like Chelsea, and you?

Jack: Me too. To go comes fast,(I can't understand this sentence) we go there, I am going to introduce you to my best friends.

Jack and François leave to play at the Stadium.

François: Where do we have to go to see your friends :To play football I mean?.

Jack: At the stadium of Craven Cottage.

François: Is it a good football club? Is it well known?

Jack: Yes, I play over there often with my three friends that we are going to meet now.

François: Ah! All right. Is your team good?

Jack: Good enough, we are the second of our category.

François: Then you are good.

Jack smiles to François.

Jack: We will soon be arriving. And you, are you good at football?

François: Yes good enough. I play in either centre or full forward position, so I am rather good I think.

Jack: If you are as good as you say you are, I'll have you play in my team.

François: Oh, are you sure? Thank you.

Jack: Oh, it's nothing, I just like good soccer players.

François and Jack shake hands.

François: I would give myself has bottom to show you what I know how to make.(I can't understand this sentence)

Jack: Let's go

François: OK.

Jack: I am supposed to see my friends over there. Or near has to give your maximum, they are very very also(I can't understand this sentence). All the same, we are going to win now that we've agreed to play together.

Both boys arrive in front of the stadium's gates and join Jack's three friends . They go directly out onto the field to play.

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