Gregoire B S Blog

Posted on 16/12/2010

Hello! My name is Grégoire Boudier. I'm 15 years old, and I live in Angers. I go to Jean Moulin High School. I love basketball, music, funny films and stand up comedians. I like the basketball team in Miami. I love reggae and RAP music. My favorite artists are Eminem, Cypress Hill, Danakil and Bob Marley. I hate Physics and Mathematics. I would love to become a fireman. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I am average height. I think I have a funny, nice and social personality. That is about all I can say about me. I look forward to exchanging ideas with you. Kindest regards, Grégoire. Bye!!!

Posted on 06/01/2011

Hello! I must start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. I live in La Poissonnière, which is close to Angers. Angers is a small city in France. Angers is situated in the west of France. My village is very beautiful and lively but it is very small. I'm sad that the holidays are over and that we're back at school. My December holidays were great. I spent the best New Year's Eve of all. I went to St Nazaire for Christmas with my family. Bye.

Posted on 10/02/2011

Last weekend, I played basketball and we won by 30 points. On Saturday afternoon, I went out with my friends, and on Saturday evening after basketball, I went to a party. I stayed home on Sunday to rest. The next day, I had to get up for school - Arghh. Then, all this week I worked and I saw some friends to organise an afternoon at the movies. Bye.

Posted on 17/03/2011

I had a very pleasant holiday. For the first weekend, I went to visit the capital, Paris. Then I went to Disneyland and that was a great day out. On the other days I met up with my friends in the evening or went out. I had a good holiday seeing all my family. During my holidays I had a lot to work to do - I had to cut some wood for next winter. I had basketball training and I did some jogging as well. Bye.

Posted on 29/03/2011

Hello! I had a week as good as last week, and I did quite a lot of things. My weekend was very good. I won a basketball game, and I went out with friends. I hope that your week was good too. Bye.

Posted 31/03/2011

This film by Michael Moore is really surprising. This film shows fearful incidents in life like the shootings that occurred in Flint and in Columbine. The film portrays the fear and violence that result from ownership of arms. The pupils in the documentary are shocking. Michael Moore demonstrates that the fight against violence is a struggle for Americans given that the number of deaths due to violence in USA with regard to the other countries is higher.

Posted 15/04/2011

Hello! I hope that you are well. For me, it is the case – I’m well! I’m a little bit sad that my basketball season has ended, but I am now seeing my family and my friends more often. My results are improving at school - I hope this is the case for English as well. I am beginning a week that seems as though it’s going to be difficult. I have a lot of homework for this week, and I do not feel good about it. But at the end of the week I am going to leave for the sea; I hope that it will be warm. Bye. Have a good week.

Posted 15/04/2011

Hello! I am very happy because it is holidays soon. I’m taking advantage of the time off school; I’m going to the sea. I’m very eager to go there. Otherwise, I had a good week with Antoine and Thomas. I played football and basketball with them.

Posted 20/04/11

Hello! I’m going very well. I had a very good weekend even though nobody was with me. This evening I am very keen to see ‘SCO’ the football team of Angers play against ‘The PSG’. I would be very satisfied if the club of Angers won. I am also eager for the holidays because it starts in two days time. Bye. Have a good evening.

Posted 28/04/11

Hello! I had a very good and nice holiday. I saw a lot of friends from school and also members of my family who arrived from Switzerland. Yesterday evening I was at a friend's place and we had a quiet evening. I also went to festivals to see groups from my region play. Most of them are quite well known in France. Bye. Have a good holiday.

Posted 19/05/11

What do students do outside school hours and during the weekends in France?
During the school holidays, students in France go out often with their friends in the afternoon, evening and on weekends. They go out to nightclubs in the evening and to festivals at night. During the day, they also hang out in Angers and in Nantes. French students like holidays because they can play sports and do leisure activities.

Posted 19/05/11

I had a good week with Antoine, Thomas and some other friends with whom I often go into town. Yesterday, we went into stores and afterwards we played a game of billiards in a big dark room. I am still very eager for the summer holidays that begin on 10th June because I will be going camping by the sea in Pornichet with Antoine and another friend.