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Menbrolle on the Longuenée

In XII History
In the twelfth century, the Membrolle was called "MEMBREROLA," meaning part of an apartment, followed by the diminutive (ariola) (on Longuenée) which was added later. (Longuenée) denotinges a stream and a forest area lying to the west. Thus, LA MEMBROLLE meant a simple house, a sort of landmark in the forest Longuenée. In 1789, The MEMBROLLE on Longuenée had 450 inhabitants.
In the 19th century, there were several constructions, as like the realization of a large road. Menbrolle on the Longuenée has several restaurants .., a bar, a bakery and many other other businesses. There are also many monuments such as the Church Hall. L Menbrolle is located 15 kilometers away from Angers and 8 km from the motorway Paris-Nantes. The Menbrolle has over 1900 people today. It also has various shops and services, and industrialy, craft and agricultural, employing more than 700 people. The mMenbrolle is a territory of 944 hectares, which lies between the river Mayenne'''' and'''' Longuenée of forest and is one of 33 municipalities which that constitute the Conurbation Angers Loire Métropole area.
In my village, I do a lot of sports,: I run, I am do mountain biking, I do sports.
I often play football with my friends in the summer.


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