Florian V's Presentation of a French city

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The city of Crozon-Morgat which is situated on the tip of the Crozon peninsula has a lot of history: its beach and tourism and the history of the house of Gustave Effel (the creator of the Eiffel Tower)…. Its marina is a very important part of the development of the city with regard to tourism.

The Crozon is a city of Bretagne in the Finistère department and is situated on the middle tip of this picture (picture of Finistère). 500px-Finistere_department_relief_location_map.jpg
But I'm stop on the little village of Morgate while which is situated also on the middle tip but this tip is divided by 3 pointes and it's on the tip of bottom. Morgate is a very agreeable and very peaceful (with the sea) village.
Morgate is also rename nicknamed the little Corse when there is a good weather because the Corse is famous for its weather. And I have a chance been lucky that, each time, I go over there, there was a good weather.

It's for this I descripte describe this city. As I can you tell it until now, Morgate is to water coat (I don't understand this phrase), and this do shows the character of Morgate.

History of colors of this village:

A One day, a fishman think thought that the village lacked of color, and he had the idea to paint his house as the the same color of as his boat. And all of Morgate painted them their houses as the the same color of them as their boat. Since then village was merriest of all the villages.


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