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My town of Bouchemaine

Bouchemaine is a town where 6,000 people live but it’s also a town in development and this number is changing and it has a surface area of 1.819Ha. It’s in the “Maine ET Loire”, and the “Maine ET Loire” is in the “Pays De La Loire”. It’s less than 10km from Angers.
Bouchemaine is a town with many sports activities.
We can practice many sports such as football at the stadium of Artaud also at the castle . But the tribune of Artaud was burned on the day of the music festival . But I like this club because there has been a good ambiance there for 2 or 3 years, that’s why, I practice football in this club.
We can practice Judo, Basket ball, gymnastics, dancing and Ping-Pong at the room of “Petit Vivier” . There is a tennis court where you can practice tennis and just in front of it there is a skate rink. In the rivers “Maine” and the Loire”we can go fishing at the different dams. And the town of Bouchemaine has participated in a vast project where you can ride a bike from Cuffy all the way to Saint-Brevin. This track is 800km long and is protected by UNESCO.
I like my town because it’s very calm & we do what we want .I also like this town because there is a lovely countryside and the city of Angers is not far away. The village of “La Pointe” is a village where the rivers “Maine” and “Loire” meet.

Each year there is the flea festival, it’s the most important of the department, and many associations benefit from it. The day when this event disappears is the day when these associations will lose a lot of** money. This event takes place on the first Sunday of September. The flea festival brings over 20000 people for 600 stands.


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