Florian V's ideal job

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an architect

I would like be an architect because it's work where we must have a are a good imagination and a good vision. We should be creative. But we don't go on the way into the field, we are in generaly in the office, we are office workers. We realize plans and the measures are taken on the way by the topographer and with this measuresments were took taken, the work of the architect starts. An other Another thing that I don't have to do for this job is that I don't think do have to do six yaers years of school after late the bac. And it's the biggest work of the construction, you are the boss and you do that what you would like. I like dirige to manage a team and I was captain in of my football team it's why I like to manage a team for it . But there is the client who decideds the time and what he we give wants us to provide. And for the big construction there is the director work who commands all of the work. Every house is different and every way is different. Every work is diffenrent different and they are every them many problems.


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