Florian V & Anton M

I have to sit an interview

I: Hello I have to sit an interview,

E: Why?

I: Because I want a job in England to learn their language and to get some work experience

E: Alright, do you speak English?

I: Yes a little, but it isn’t the question.

E: Ok good, why do you want to work for our company?

I: Yes

E: 'Are you laughing at me?

I: yes!

E: stop it!

I: I am sorry! I don’t speak English, as you may have already noticed! But I buy this!

E: Are you joking? You aren’t serious? And you want to work with English people without knowing how to speak English? It's not possible!

I: But I like travelling? Do you like travelling?

E: No, but it isn’t the question, are you trying to be funny?

I: Yes, very much so

E: You are really stupid, why are you here actually?

I: Because I like interviews, do you like interviews?

E: Yes when I want to hire people

I: yes good

E: and you, do you want me to hire you?

I: Yes, very much

E: Ok, well, tell me something that may interest me

I: It must be English Humour? Are you sure about what you are saying?

E: Yes. Well, you are wasting my time and I'm in a hurry. It was a real pleasure meeting you but we must leave it there, and I have to say

good bye and I hope I never see you in my office again.

I: Ok good bye, I'll come back to see you again.

E: No, certainly not, we don’t want to see you here again.

I: Ok good bye

E: Pfffou!!!! They aren’t easy these French passengers!

Comment : ok, but your script/storyline is a little confused !

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