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Les sous-doués passe le bacs


This French comedy is a film directed by Claude Zidi and came to theaters in 1980. The film lasts about 92 min and the main actors are Michel Galabru,Maria Pacôme, Daniel Auteuil.

First of all this film is about a class that only makes jokes at everyone and trying to earn their baccalaureate without trying. These students are known to be constantly retaking the baccalaureate, as the last result Casing their class was ranked last of the tray with 100% of students who had to retake the exam. Among the band of students, there is " Bébel" (interpreted by Daniel Auteil) , who passes for the fourth time and the ferry which multiplies the jokes, "Julien" (Philippe Taccini) the long -haired friend of Bébel, Jeanne (Catherine Erhardy) and Caroline, the two daughters of the band, Gaetan, mix a litle boy, Graffiti,who sells his moped to resell it later in a different color, and Togo, the son of an African diplomat.


They deliberately get bad results to continue to have fun as students. However, the Director (Maria Pacôme) finally had enough and decides once and for all of them put to work. That's why she invented several more or less violent ways to force them study . But revenge for what students will make a small bomb to scare everyone, but unfortunately the students will not realize they exchanged small bomb with a genuine terrorist bomb, and that will explode over the private and this will put the crabs in a terrible dilemma to 15 days before the bac: they will either have their baccalaureate or to jail. The Commissioner, in which the band was making jokes anonymously by calling the phone for false bomb threats, is responsible for the monitoring for the duration of the examination.
Fortunately, the parents get involved and prove creative in helping their children to cheat.

This film among many actors to engage in this business. A sequence exists for this film and is called the "sous-doués en vacances".

I wanted to tell you about this film because I think this film is to known for a lot of good French actors and I have always loved this movie because it always makes me laugh. And when I see friends and can not help telling about some replicas of cult movie or do some scenes so we laugh.It's my parents who made ​​me discover this film I had to be 10 years old and can almost I never regret having seen and re-seen it ….
This is why I strongly advise you watched this movie if you want a fun night of spirited laughter with friends.