Emilie C & Adeline C

(toc, toc, toc)
-Come in!
- Hello, nice to meet you!
- Hello!
-Sit down!
-I would like to volunteer for the association.
-Why do you want to volunteer?
- Thanks to this experience, I can also discover another country, other languages, I can help people who are in need: it will be a great experience for me.
-Have you ever belonged to an association before ?
-So, why do you want to join ?
-Because I wanted to finish my last year of high school before devouting one year to this association.
-What are your qualities?
-I am dynamic, enthusiastic, patient, generous and helpful.
-Very good. I will look to find one that suits you. I have an association to help children with learning difficulties in the region.
-No, I want go to another country such as China or Africa. I want to do something that can improve their lifestyle. Build wells, schools, houses …
- I have found one which helps young people who live in impoverished countries
by giving them an education. Consequently their project is to build a school in a developing country : in Africa. Would you like that ?
- Yes, I really would, but can you be more precise about when it starts !
- Yes the session begins on 01 September until 20 July , 2013. (two thousand and thirteen).
-How many have volunteered ?
-For now there are 20 (twenty) volunteers registered.
-Should we learn a few basics about the construction of buildings?
-No, but there is a part where you need to order supplies.
-No worries because I am in a school where we learn to speak with the public
-That's perfect!
However you must be fully vaccinated, have all your identity papers in order, and you'll have lots of forms to fill.
-Can we meet again to put all this straight?( Pouvons-nous, nous revoir pour mettre tout çà au clair)
-Yes, I did! Next Tuesday at two o'clock?
-Ok can you show me on paper everything I need to bring with me?
(pretending to write)
-Hold on! (taking a piece of paper)
-Goodbye and thank you.