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My name is Emilie Chivot .
I study in Angers at the school "Jean Moulin".
My favourite subject is history.
I don't do any activities outside of school.
I like to go out with friends on the weekends , to go the cinema, dancing with them,…
My favourite film is "The Butterfly Effect."
In the future, I would like to be an expert in criminology.
After secondary school I want to go to university.
I would like to travel to several countries to see the lives of different people as Afirca, Australia, Alaska …

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Miranda. Jai sieze ans. J’adore danser, sortir avec les copains, et faire les magasins. Je n’aime pas nager. J’aime mieux la cinema. J’aime la pizza, les hamburgers, la glace, et les chocolat. Je d’test les escargots. J’adore le Francais, les maths, et la musique. Je n’aime pas DPS mais j’aime mieux les arts plastiques. Jai les maths, la chimie, l’histoire, DPS, les arts plastiques, le Francais, et la musique. Au revoir!

Hello Miranda, me too I like pizza , hamburgers and ice cream.

Hello Miranda,How are you?Me, I'm fine! I am 17 years old & in a month I turn 18 years. This year, I will do my driver's license. A few days ago, I went to a carnival with friends, we won stuffed animals and we were afraid of certain rides and ate "churos". Are you in high school? What type of job would you like to do later? Would you like to come and live in France or not, and why? This weekend my parents decorated my house because it'll be Christmas soon. My little sister is going to decorate the tree and I always decorate the living room.

Text on my holidays:
On Saturday, December 17th, I invited friends home to party. We ate pizza and made chicha in the evening. We had a good time. On Sunday, December 18th, I took my little sister for a ride in the forest where we picked up several little things to decorate the house. She was very happy to be able to paint branches of holly or pine cones with white or silver spray. On Monday, December 19, I decorated with my little sister the crib we do every year. On Tuesday, December 20 I started my homework. I spent the whole afternoon and evening working. On Wednesday, December 21, I went into town to go bowling with friends. But there were too many people there & we had to wait 1 hour 30. So in the meantime we decided to go shopping. Once the one & a half hours were up we a game of bowling and we had a good laugh. On Thursday, December 22, my stepfather took me to buy my last Christmas gifts for everyone and once I got home I wrapped all the presents.On Friday, December 23, I looked after my little sister and my cousin while my parents went out to buy everything we needed for Christmas Eve. Like every December 24, we had family and friends coming over for Christmas Eve . The next morning we had to cook & prepare the table. On Sunday, December 25, everyone opened their gifts and enjoyed the rest of the holidays. Happy holidays to all and a happy new year.

hi aidan! yes I already camped several times and I always loved it especially when you are as friends and no parents to say what one should do or not.
last week I spent my "white pit of French" is a very important exam that is trying to prepare ourselves for the true test for me it was a disaster I hope I get a good grade but hey we'll see. And you do you have to pass this important exam-years?
This weekend I went to the cinema to see "Project X" with friends, this is a movie so funny and really awesome to see. Me I laughed from beginning to end =) And you what did you do this weekend?