Eloïse T's Presentation of a French city

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Summary :
- Geographical situation
- Description
- Historical presentation
- Tourism


Grenoble is in the south-east of France in the region of the Rhône-Alpes. The city is situated in a valley surrounded by mountains, and has 155 632 inhabitants.


Grenoble is a very dynamic city and proposes numerous activities and entertainments among which paragliding, mountain climbing , numerous museums and art galleries, stores, parks, …

The city is dominated by the Bastille, a former fortress or stronghold built on a height of about 475 meters, accessible from the city center by the cable railway, among which cabins called collectively " bubbles ", became one of the striking symbols of the city. Behind the Bastille begins the regional natural reserve of Chartreuse


As the mountains which surround the city slow down the wind, it is thus very warm in the summer : approximately 35°C. And in the winter, the temperature can be very low and is very often accompanied by snowfall which pleases the tourists who like the winter sports such as skiing. As Grenoble has a climate with a very cold winter, the city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1968.



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