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The architect is the creator of a building (public or deprived private) and which the mission is to conceive and to oversee the realization of the work according to the waits desires of the customer.


I would like to be an architect because:

• I like the idea of starting from nothing and of everything that is created for at the end arrived to of the project and creating what the customer wanted.
• It is necessary to be creative, Credit note of the imagination, and always find new means to better respect better the environment in the creation of the building.
• We are not locked not all the time into his our office, it is also necessary to go to see construction sites

A well-known architect: Jean Novel

Novel Jean is a contemporary French architect of international fame. He realized numerous projects in France but also in the other country such as Japan or Spain. In Of the realizations creations, the most well-known there is are: the museum Quai Branly in Paris, the Tour Dentsu in Tokyo, the Tower Agbar in Barcelone, the Cartier foundation, or still the Institute of the Arab World in Paris. He also obtained numerous prices of architecture prizes since year 1980.

The Cartier foundation in Paris

The Tour Dentsu in Tokyo

The Tower Agbar in Barcelone


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