Elodie Xav's Music and Movies


"Intouchable" is a french movies realized directed by Olivier Nakache and Erick Toledano. The film is came out in 2 november 2011 in France.
The history story is based on the life of Philipe Pozzo di Borgo. Intouchable is the movies who that most stayed at number one in the box French office french the longest. The movies stayed for ten weeks. It 's the movies is the most seen movie in the France.
the principal Actors are: Omar Sy, François Cluzet and Anne Leny.
In France theyre are were 19 213 986 enters tickets sold to for see the movies in cinemas.
Whien Opening we can see : 5% of benefice profits realized made by the movies are given for to an association for handicapped people.

The film has got many awards
-Award for the best actor for François Cluzet et and Omar Sy.
-Award light for best actor: Omar Sy.
-Award for the best movies….
In all this mivies win movie won 14 awards.

The resume summary of the film:
Philipe is a rich man who is hadicapped handicapped. He has needs help in the life. Driss is a young man who has does not have a job. He go an interview for a job, he does all for no taken to not get this job so that he can get for has the "assedic" (a state-funded unemployment insurance).
Finally Driss have gets the job for helpeding Philipe in the life. Driis go learntlearns how to helped Philipe. Later wich with the time, Driss becomes friends wich with Philipe. Driss is comics comical and philipe likes it.
Driss helps philipe for has with his a girlfriend, for with the relation wich with the girl…
When Driss leaft leaves this job philipe is not very good.
Driss became and givens an invitation for the restaurant wich with the future girlfriend.

They are many music in the movies :
Fly 4:39
2. Writing Poems 4:10
3. The Ghetto - Album Version 4:58
4. Der Freischütz - Act 1 1:01
5. You Goin' Miss Your Candyman 7:19
6. Blind Test 2:22
7. L'origine Nascosta 3:13
8. Feeling Good - Album Version 2:53
9. Cache-Cache 3:51
10. Concerto pour 2 violons et orchestre à cordes, Op.3 N°8 (Allegro) 3:21
11. Una Mattina 3:23
12. Red Lights

This music are is good, my prefer music favorite song in this film is Fly by Ludovico Einaudi.
An Other music is listening heard in the movies: Earth, Wind and Fire : September, Boogie Wonderland.

Intouchable is my prefer favorite french movies because he it is comicsal and he it is based on a reel true history.
In the true life Philipe is an handicapped from an parachute accident. He can see this history story become a very good movies on at the cinema.